Vasilis Restaurant

Vasilis Restaurant

Greek & American Cuisine

Vasilis Restaurant is centrally located at 302 Main St. Buffalo, NY conveniently located when you're going to a show, a baseball or hockey game. Vasilis Restaurant is a casual dining, family restaurant offering Greek & American cuisine.

Vasilis Restaurant takes the extra steps to bring to you the very best. Vasilis salads contain locally grown vegetables and the results of Vasilis own marinades, is proof you can taste.

Start every super special day with the breakfast Skillets at Vasilis Restaurant. There are many breakfasts for you to choose, such as pancakes, eggs, French toast, omelettes or crepes. Vasilis Restaurant also here for you for lunch, dinner and dessert, offering soups, salads, sandwiches, mega wraps, burgers and fish fry. The day goes better at Vasilis family restaurant.

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